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Our Benefits

Benefits of being part of the family

Being a member of the Krispy Kernels family means working in a fun and productive environment with colleagues who are passionate about snacking! Whether in terms of atmosphere, comradeship, conditions, or benefits, you’ll quickly realize that our positions are seasoned with a host of little extras

100% Quebec company
Knowing that your involvement encourages the local economy is good for the soul. And being able to contribute to the influence of a third-generation family business, and one that’s 100% Quebec to boot, is the peanut on the sundae
Wellness program
As a family member, we want you to feel good. That's why you're given access to a group insurance program, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and a telemedicine service.
Access to delicious snacks
At Krispy Kernels, we don’t believe in depriving yourself! As an employee, you have access to our delicious snacks—whenever you want! You can grab a snack during your lunch or coffee break, and you can even buy some for peanuts (we’re talking a major discount!) to take home, where you’ll be guaranteed to be the coolest one in the gang!
Time off
Want to plan a little getaway, enjoy the beautiful weather, or just take some time to kick back and relax? We offer you a nice grand total of 12 paid statutory Holidays. And you can do whatever you want with your days . . . they’re there for you to enjoy!

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